Triton FPSO Fatigue Life Extension Pallets Stools

Fatigue life extension has been achieved by ultrasonic peening in high stressed areas such as the pallet stool welds on the cargo deck of the FPSO TRITON.
The treated brackets welds are located on cargo deck area and supports the steel work and liquids for required equipment.
Our fatigue life assessment is based on the documentation provided by BV. The high stressed areas showed short fatigue lives on bracket welds.
By the application of ultrasonic peening treatment to these high stressed welds the expected fatigue life was extended five times, assuming current fatigue life assessment provided by BV.
High stresses produced by Ballast Loading Conditions show the lowest improvement due to their high level of stress.

Ultrasonic peening
of areas of difficult

Creation of weld toe
groove 2
mm depth

UP treatment of

Cleaning of paint
previous to
UP treatment

Application of
flexible primer
after UP treatment.



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