custom fabricated clamps

Custom fabricated clamps

Life Extension of Subsea Structures

As subsea structures reach their design service life, operators are often obliged to decrease the time in-between subsea inspections.
Weather the inspections are done by ROV’s or SAT/Air divers it is a increased work load on the already busy yearly schedule that is less than welcome.
Instead of increasing the yearly IRM scopes, some operators are choosing for a more constructive alternative; extending the service life
of the offshore subsea structure. Apart from the general scopes of work, LETS Global uses the following methods to increase the service life of subsea structures.

Subsea Ultrasonic Peening

LETS Global has developed Ultrasonic Peening systems suitable for depth up to 300 meter. The equipment is suitable for use by any SAT diver that has taken part in one of LETS Global’s Subsea Ultrasonic Peening courses. The subsea equipment is highly durable and serviced on site by our ultrasonic peening technicians. We offer a complete package including;

  • Life extension consultancy and engineering studies
  • Subsea ultrasonic peening training for divers
  • Subsea ultrasonic peening systems
  • On site technical support and service
  • Work scope and work procedures for subsea work


In order to strengthen bracings, custom fabricated clamps can be attached to fatigue sensitive areas. The clamps are made up to exact specification onshore, and transported to site. After marine growth is removed and the area has been inspected the clamps are installed by divers using subsea torque tools.


Combining these two methods will increase the endurance of ther subsea structure and it will safeguard the structural integrity for the long-run.