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Offshore Marine Technology – The Royal Institution of Naval Architects – 4th Q 2013

With structural fatigue posing a threat to active FPSOs, a cost- and time efficient method is required for maintaining these vessels’ integrity. Malcolm Hedmar, project manager and director of LETS Global do Brazil, presents the case for his company’s ultrasonic peening methodology.

Scandinavian Oil – Gas Magazine No. 5/6 2012 Vol. 40

Life Extension of Offshore Installations is becoming a popular topic, and ought to be, one thing man cannot stop is time, and with time come aging. More and more offshore installations are reaching their intended service life. All rigs are designed  for a certain amount of time out on the open sea, and with all elements against them, at a certain point all rigs will start to show signs of structural fatigue.

Ultrasonic peening focuses heat on steel

Offshore Technology - January 2011

LETS (Life Extension of Technical Structures) has since 2005 been solving structural integrity challenges in the Offshore Industry.